Old Gaelic Says Goodbye to Longtime President, Beloved Teammate Frank Lentz


It is with the most solemn of hearts that Old Gaelic must say goodbye to its longtime President, teammate, and cherished friend, Frank Lentz. On Saturday morning, August 22, a heart attack took Frank’s life at the age of 44. Old Gaelic extends its deepest condolences to his wife Bretni, daughter Dagny, son Frank Lentz V, his parents, and his siblings. 

Frank was known for his dedication to his family, to the team, and for alway putting others first. Almost every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for close to 20 years, he could be counted on to do anything he could to help the club. No responsibility was too big or too small, whether it was flipping burgers (that the proud vegetarian cooked for everyone but himself) at the post-match social, running touch, or stepping in to coach the team on gameday, Frank did everything that was asked of him and so much more. In short, year after year, he was the truly the team’s Most Valuable Player.

Frank was a pillar in the rugby community, extending far beyond Old Gaelic. Through the years he also served as President of our geographical governing body, the EPRU, our local youth rugby union, CVYRA, was a member of USA Rugby Congress, and a true ambassador for the game. He also filled leadership roles for his children’s sports teams, and found the time to be an EMT, which came in handy when he delivered his own son in a Turkey Hill parking lot.

For every responsibility he volunteered for, he did it all with an irreplaceable brand of wit and charm. Many of us will be looking for that familiar chuckle when one of us bullies the other during practice or our patented game of Rugby Hoops. It’s in those small moments when the laugh doesn’t come that the pain will rise anew.

In many ways Frank was Old Gaelic Rugby. And we will never be quite the same without him. El Presidente. President for Life. One last time, from the entire club: Frank You Very Much. For everything you have done, and your legacy will continue to do, for the team, and for the sport.

We’ll miss you always and forever.

2 thoughts on “Old Gaelic Says Goodbye to Longtime President, Beloved Teammate Frank Lentz

  1. Lynn Gray

    It’s hard to say good bye to someone who has done so much for others. All the attributes mentioned were the same displayed in his work environment and his chuckle is something we will never forget. I would love to hear one more sarcastic comment from him. I hope Frank knows how many lives he has touched. Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.


  2. Jama n Joe Wolfkill

    I never met Frank, but Russell has told me about him and we know his loss will be deeply felt. Our best to his family. God bless



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