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Missing: Old Gaelic Fullback Lost in Time Travel Misadventure

Whether it’s been team workouts, winter hoops, or social Tours, one question has flooded the team like hurricane waters through New Orleans: “WHERE’S LEGGETT???”

The assumption was the elusive fullback was just busy. Or choosing his social interactions carefully amidst COVID. However, while trying to distract himself from the depression of this missing Friendship, club President Alex Diegel made an Earth-shattering discovery.

“I was just trying to cheer myself up, reading through the old Noses when I made the observation of a lifetime.” Diegel took a deep breath, sipped on a Double Nugget Nectar, looked around to make sure they weren’t being watched, then continued. “Leggett’s a time traveler,” he whispered. “And I think he’s stuck in the year 1987.”

Diegel proceeded to call Captain Brian Hart, Leggett’s longtime friend and fellow Millersville Rugby graduate. “I couldn’t deny, it made perfect sense,” Hart said with a sigh. “The last time we talked, he kept bringing up Old Gaelic after parties of yesteryear. it seemed like he really wanted to go back and experience it himself, but I didn’t think he’d take it that far. Then, Diegel showed me The Photo. And it hit me. He’s gone.”

Matthew Leggett, caught in time in 1987. Apparently, in addition to time travel wizardry, he also became a bird aficionado. Perhaps trying to find answers as to why his is so small.

Has there been a mechanical malfunction? Is he just having too much fun in the ’80s Old Gaelic lifestyle? Any leads are welcome. Please, homeowners of Mechanicsburg, take a close look at your appliances. The going theory is he’s crafted an HVAC Time Machine of some sort. We just want our friendship back.

Diegel COVID Be Damned, Tuesday Team Workouts Back On

While Diegel’s habit of licking doorknobs and sniffing butts finally caught up to him and caused a one-week pause to the team workouts, they are back on for Tuesday nights.

Join our very own Porter Miller at Crossfit717 (836 Market St, Lemoyne, PA BEHIND the Dollar Store/Little Caesar’s your gps will take you to) on Tuesdays at 6:45 for an intense hour of rugby-specific exercise. We’ll be doing these workouts until we are back outside on Tuesdays and Thursdays this March.

We’ve got a great opportunity to do some special things this Spring. Let’s make the most of it by putting the work in now that our rivals aren’t.

In all seriousness, as to not downplay a worldwide pandemic, Diegel and family are fine.

A Home for Wayward Ruggers: Old Gaelic Seeks New (Long-Term) Practice Pitch

As you have likely heard by now, Old Gaelic’s 20-year lease at Swank Field runs out at the end of the month. While OG has secured a location across the river at 7th and Radnor Park, we are still in search of something that can feel a bit more like “home.” Now’s the time to pull out all the stops.

Your wife’s cousin’s rich uncle? Give him a call. A property with a drainage ditch, or other space that looks like it could be used in exchange for maintenance? Stop by and ask. The shotgun-wielding farmer you see on your way home from work? Drop in and see if he’d be willing to rent out some space. I’m sure he’s friendly when you get to know him.

In all seriousness while we are grateful to have secured field space and can likely continue to rent it out for as long as we need, we are seeking a more stable long-term solution.

Please send your contacts, thoughts and half-baked schemes to Alex Diegel at

Move Over Harrisburg, There’s a “New” Rugby Team in Town

With its longtime practice home at Glenn Swank Field soon to be turned to residential housing, Old Gaelic has found a new home for now, trekking all the way to the dreaded West Shore for the Spring 2022 season. While the team hopes to find long term residence back on its own shores, the park at 7th and Radnor in Harrisburg will serve just fine for now, and serves as a warning shot to its low rent neighbors in blue.

“I called Scooter to give him a heads up as best I could,” said Captain and Match Secretary Brian Hart. “Unfortunately, much like my calls to schedule a friendly with Harrisburg, this one was left unanswered.”

Someone should make a sign.

“Better Call Cappy” Renewed for Record 43rd Season

Get pinged for a DUI on your way home from the Holiday Extravaganza? Better call Cappy. Find yourself under a bridge with lady of the night at 4 am? Better call Cap. Need to know an official ruling for a controversial call in hoops? Better Call Cappy. Take your bird out for a piss outside of a bar that just happened to be a little too close to a children’s park? BETTER CALL CAPPY.

For all your legal needs and more, Jeff “Cappy” Cook is happy to be your officially unofficial advisor. In fact, find the complete list below for services available:

  • Personal Injury
  • Trials
  • Sports Writing
  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Sports Commentating
  • Criminal Representation

* Evening appointments available.

Brugby Still to Be Played Amidst OG Offseason

It may be the offseason, but where this is rugby to played, Old Gaelic will find it. Congratulations to Kory Harris and Sergio Acala for making the local select side, Philly United. They will play against the Capital/Old Glory Selects this Saturday, December 4th. While this means they’ll most likely miss the F****** Catalina Wine Mixer, we wish them luck.

A dozen+ OG Ruggers will also be getting a run in on Saturday at the Pagoda 7s Classic, where Gaelic will take their rightful possession of the Cup and bring it to the party for all to enjoy.

Of course, throughout the offseason we will continue Hoops Thursdays. Come get a run around with your friends, and stay tuned for some more structured offseason fitness programs.

Old Gaelic Holiday Festivities Continue with Non-Denominational Extravaganza

With the Old Gaelic Non-denominational Holiday Extravaganza just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the Holiday season schedule.

Hoops continues on of course, leading up to the first Annual Hoopsgiving. Teammates supplied sides and ale, while Capt. Hart primarily manned the bird via deep fryer.

All in attendance agreed unanimously it was the best Shed Turkey they ever had.

Oh… and Diegel’s team won the Hoopsgiving Tournament.

The Holidaze continued with the official kickoff of Tour season and the celebration of the birth of one Russell Kane in downtown Harrisburg.

This was all a lead up, of course, to the Holiday Party this Saturday, December 4th. Come one, come all to celebrate Gaelics past, present and future at the Caddyshack, starting at 6 p.m. Registration is $35 and covers appetizers, dinner, beer and wine.

Next up will be Caroling in Carlisle on Thursday, December 16th. Stay glued to your inbox/Snapchat/text messages/carrier pigeon for updates.

Lastly, thank you to the lads who have already helped out for our Annual giveback program with Lions Club Christmas Tree sales. While it might be a short season, please take a look and see if there’s a slot that fits your schedule to help out here.

We’ll certainly send an update if the Lions Club sells out sooner than expected.

Old Gaelic’s Recruitment for 2041 Season Takes Another Step Forward

Congratulations to one Steven “Prime Minister” Rigg for the birth of his son Jackson Gene on October 6, 2021.

This is the newest addition to a strong recruiting class for the Gaelic, as Rigg is the fifth son to be added to the team in the last 20 months, joining teammates Orion Kane, Bodhi Brillhart, Colson Martin, and Finley Kolanda.

They will join a veteran roster led by Sergio Acala II, Liam Kelly… and 53 year-old second row Alexander Diegel.

Jerry Gould and Nick Dettorre were not available for comment on this story.

“Shut the Hell up Before I Kiss You on the Mouth…” All of Martin’s Personalities on Display in Wins Versus MoCo Bucks, South Jersey

Old Gaelic outside center Jase Martin had a dominant day to kick off Old Gaelic’s regular season against the Montgomery Bucks. He juked jived, and otherwise gangled his way to a Man of the Match performance. However, the day was also highlighted by some outbursts of a different kind…

“I didn’t know if he wanted to hug us all or or kill someone,” said the bewildered young wing Alex Schaefer.

“Probably both,” replied veteran fullback Matt Leggett. “Just do what we do and ignore him. It eventually all balances out.”

“He kept yelling at me that it was my fault after he scored,” said the MoCo forward simply known as Beardy. “You know that scene from Chappelle’s Show? Where they stab that guy’s dad in The Mad Real World episode? And he slumps on the ground saying ‘but I don’t know what I did?’ That was me. That was how I felt right there in that situation.”

“If he plays like that, I’m fine with it,” said forward Anthony “Birds” DeFreitas. “As long as he doesn’t try to kiss me. There are limits, man.”

While Martin’s rage led to broken tackles and bruised egos on this Saturday, the following match was a full display of the duality of man. His love for the homies came through with six assists amidst the thrashing against South Jersey.

Love. Hate. Rage. Homies. Brugby. The Jase Martin Story.

Old Gaelic Turns Page to October, Looks to Continue Undefeated Fall

Following an undefeated September, Old Gaelic continues its season October 16th in a pivotal home clash against Philly Whitemarsh.

Gaelic has sits on top of the division, a perfect 3-0 with wins against the Montgomery County Bucks and the South Jersey Devils. The home team accepted an unfortunate forfeit from Doylestown, and has a perfect 15 league points and +153 point differential.

Led by a steady pack and explosive backline, a full team effort has been the key to the run so far with a full panel of 30 players working hard at trainings and getting A side time. A B match was even squeezed in this past Saturday against Lancaster, also won by the Gaelic, with some supplemental players provided by the Roses and Doylestown.

Philly Whitemarsh presents a different challenge — also undefeated but with just two matches played so far, the winner of this game will be in excellent position to secure the division’s #1 seed before Spring playoffs. A full home crowd will be needed to spur on the Black and Gold Saturday!