Snow Hoops a Hit Amidst Pandemic

As Old Gaelic players continue to look for ways to stay together safely amongst the pandemic, a snow-covered pitch was not enough to curtail a night of hoops and grilling at The Shed.

As players struggled to adapt to the conditions, Chris Armbrust finally notched the game’s first drop goal — only to be negated by Russ Kane! The weary combatants slugged on, with the team of Jude, Chris, and Davey taking the first victory of the night.

Team Russ, Diegel, and Jerry took Game Two in a true battle of attrition. Game Three took place at The Shed wear the worthy combatants ate hot meats and drank cold beers, making everyone a winner on this most frigid of events.

In lieu of the traditional “Winter Tour,” Old Gaelic has also gotten together for sledding and a night of bowling. As the calendar flips to March, weather should cooperate and get us out of hibernation and back to some rugby on the pitch.

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