“They Took Our Jobs” — Domestic Props Threatened by Migrant Front Rows

It’s an epidemic seen countrywide. Now it’s coming to a rugby pitch near you: Younger, fitter, more athletic props are threatening the very existence of older, slower, more stubborn props nationwide. 

“They took our jobs!” exclaimed veteran Old Gaelic tighthead prop Frank Weaver. When asked to explain his point of view in more detail, Weaver paused, gathered his thoughts, then stated with increased vigor, “THEYTOOKOURJERBS!”

“I don’t see the problem with it,” said John Kane. “You know, they do all the hard work for 60 minutes, then I come in for the last 20 and finish the job.” Kane must have thought his comments were off the record, as strangely, when approached by his fellow veteran front rowers, he shifted course.

“I mean… DEYTOOKERJERBS!!!” he shouted, nearly inaudibly.

This is a developing story…

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