“Your Prophet is Dead.” — Young Believes Matrix Resurrections to Pick Up Where Obscure Video Game Left Off

Amidst a spirited debate during practice the day that the trailer for the fourth installment of the Matrix series — The Matrix Resurrections — was released, forward David YoSon Young came up with the hottest of takes.

“Your Prophet is dead. They killed him in the Matrix Online. That’s not him in the trailer.”

Hmm thought veteran lock/flanker Alex Diegel. Something about that statement smells foul. And it’s not Dave’s deoderant.

“So you’re telling me. The guy in the trailer. That looks just like a young Laurence Fishburne, is wearing Morpheus’ iconic no-stem sunglasses and offering Neo a pill, presumably to his enlightenment, is not going to be playing a young Morpheus.

“Nope,” Young replied, undeterred by the points made in this argument. “He’s dead. They killed him in the video game.”

“And the fact that the movie is called RESURRECTIONS. And that characters that died at the end of the original trilogy are back in it. That doesn’t do anything for you?”

“Naw, fuck that… Also Trinity’s gonna fuck a machine.”

And so it was. The truth shall be revealed on December 22nd.

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