“Shut the Hell up Before I Kiss You on the Mouth…” All of Martin’s Personalities on Display in Wins Versus MoCo Bucks, South Jersey

Old Gaelic outside center Jase Martin had a dominant day to kick off Old Gaelic’s regular season against the Montgomery Bucks. He juked jived, and otherwise gangled his way to a Man of the Match performance. However, the day was also highlighted by some outbursts of a different kind…

“I didn’t know if he wanted to hug us all or or kill someone,” said the bewildered young wing Alex Schaefer.

“Probably both,” replied veteran fullback Matt Leggett. “Just do what we do and ignore him. It eventually all balances out.”

“He kept yelling at me that it was my fault after he scored,” said the MoCo forward simply known as Beardy. “You know that scene from Chappelle’s Show? Where they stab that guy’s dad in The Mad Real World episode? And he slumps on the ground saying ‘but I don’t know what I did?’ That was me. That was how I felt right there in that situation.”

“If he plays like that, I’m fine with it,” said forward Anthony “Birds” DeFreitas. “As long as he doesn’t try to kiss me. There are limits, man.”

While Martin’s rage led to broken tackles and bruised egos on this Saturday, the following match was a full display of the duality of man. His love for the homies came through with six assists amidst the thrashing against South Jersey.

Love. Hate. Rage. Homies. Brugby. The Jase Martin Story.

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