A Home for Wayward Ruggers: Old Gaelic Seeks New (Long-Term) Practice Pitch

As you have likely heard by now, Old Gaelic’s 20-year lease at Swank Field runs out at the end of the month. While OG has secured a location across the river at 7th and Radnor Park, we are still in search of something that can feel a bit more like “home.” Now’s the time to pull out all the stops.

Your wife’s cousin’s rich uncle? Give him a call. A property with a drainage ditch, or other space that looks like it could be used in exchange for maintenance? Stop by and ask. The shotgun-wielding farmer you see on your way home from work? Drop in and see if he’d be willing to rent out some space. I’m sure he’s friendly when you get to know him.

In all seriousness while we are grateful to have secured field space and can likely continue to rent it out for as long as we need, we are seeking a more stable long-term solution.

Please send your contacts, thoughts and half-baked schemes to Alex Diegel at diegelam@gmail.com.

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