Boys Outta The Hood: OG Returns to West Shore Safety

And so it was that Old Gaelic’s trainings in the terrible and treacherous East Shore came to an end. All it took was a little mid-training shootout amongst the locals to bring the Gaelic boys home.

So it was on a warm Tuesday evening when a team run was interrupted by a spray of gun fire that fortunately hit nothing but air. That didn’t stop squirrely fullback Matt Leggett from reacting accordingly.

“I can remember sitting on the couch as a boy with Ernie, watching Lawrence Fishburne’s fourth-best film (behind Matrixes 1-3 because duh), Boys in the Hood,”he explained. “And when it came to that scene… you know the one.” Leggett paused to choke back a tear and offer a thousand-yard stare.

“Ernie said to me, ‘son. If you’re ever practicing in Harrisburg and you hear gunfire, don’t be like Ricky. Zig zag, m’boy. Zig Zag.’ I really took that to heart. Any time I run, really. Just to be safe from any mean old forwards or other threats.”

When quizzed about their reactions, dem Fisher boys had different thoughts. “By the sounds of it, it was only a .22. Hell I could take a couple of them slugs and finish the match,” quipped Jeremy.

“A .22 is no proper defense weapon,” chimed in elder brother RJ. “You’re gonna want something like this,” he said before he pulled a Colt M1911 out of the back of his waste band, popped a round out of the chamber, removed the clip, and displayed proudly. “That’s a bad item right there.”

Still, decisions had to be made, and safety was of the team was paramount, Club Leadership decided.

“As I often do when faced with a tough decision, I weighed out the pros and cons when I thought about asking Don if we could train at our match field, Frank Lentz Memorial Park,” club President Alex Diegel explained. “And I thought, well, on the one hand, the worst Don could say is no. On the other hand, one of us could get shot in the face. It was a tough call, but I think we made the right choice.”

Practices will now resume at 260 Willow Mill Park Rd. Mechanicsburg on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-8:30.

Author’s note: Please do know this was taken very seriously and we are incredibly grateful to Don for getting us back on home soil.

Sergio’s note: “I told y’all.”

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