Brugby Still to Be Played Amidst OG Offseason

It may be the offseason, but where this is rugby to played, Old Gaelic will find it. Congratulations to Kory Harris and Sergio Acala for making the local select side, Philly United. They will play against the Capital/Old Glory Selects this Saturday, December 4th. While this means they’ll most likely miss the F****** Catalina Wine Mixer, we wish them luck.

A dozen+ OG Ruggers will also be getting a run in on Saturday at the Pagoda 7s Classic, where Gaelic will take their rightful possession of the Cup and bring it to the party for all to enjoy.

Of course, throughout the offseason we will continue Hoops Thursdays. Come get a run around with your friends, and stay tuned for some more structured offseason fitness programs.

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