“Better Call Cappy” Renewed for Record 43rd Season

Get pinged for a DUI on your way home from the Holiday Extravaganza? Better call Cappy. Find yourself under a bridge with lady of the night at 4 am? Better call Cap. Need to know an official ruling for a controversial call in hoops? Better Call Cappy. Take your bird out for a piss outside of a bar that just happened to be a little too close to a children’s park? BETTER CALL CAPPY.

For all your legal needs and more, Jeff “Cappy” Cook is happy to be your officially unofficial advisor. In fact, find the complete list below for services available:

  • Personal Injury
  • Trials
  • Sports Writing
  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Sports Commentating
  • Criminal Representation

* Evening appointments available.

2 thoughts on ““Better Call Cappy” Renewed for Record 43rd Season

  1. Terrence J. McGowan

    I was surprised to see that Cappy is expanding his advertising budget at a time in his career when most are thinking about retirement, or at least downsizing their practices, but then I remembered that Cappy is AGELESS! I even heard a rumor that he recently got some A side playing time!

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