‘Twas The Week Before Christmas

(Inspired by a Dano Limerick)

‘Twas time for Christmas Carols to be heard near and far,
But due to foul weather, Gaelic was confined to the bar,
In through the door came two fellas, who wanted to fight,
They knew not how poorly that would impact their night,
I sprang from the bar to see what was the matter, 
There was spilling of beer and a glass had just shattered,  
Twas Jerry who’d been hit and knocked to the floor, 
Fear not, Russy came and dragged a perp to the door,
Chris gave him the word and he flung the boy through the border,
Diegel heard the ruckus and decreed an Executive Order,
For the fuccboi had made the acts of a fool,
It was time to toss him in a puddle deep as a pool,
And when that wasn’t enough and his friend came for a bout,
It was time to spar and knock the bigger one out,
But the pair wasn’t done they were looking for more,
Out came Weave, Porter and Hart through the door,
Alas, they decided, the duo was beat,
It’s time for more Friendship at Market Street,
So they closed all their tabs and off they went,
To Cheers their good friend, El Presidente. Frank Lentz,
As the club regaled in street justice done right,
They said Merry Christmas and to all a good night.

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