No Offseason for Gaelic

It all started early on on Hoopsgiving Day,
Dante pulled out his bird but not in a manner not gay,
Next it was time to roll up our sleeves,
For its Lions Club season and time to sling Trees,
Then ‘Twas time for the party at the ol’ Caddyshack,
Where the Five Neat Guys gave plenty for the crowd to react,
Then it was off the Madre to continue the fun ,
We continued to drink even though we should have been done,
It was only a precursor to some social 7s fun,
On Paulie, on Weave, on Paulie Again,
It’s time to play Pagoda with a bunch of your friends,
Lee chip kicked for the try and said “listen, ya hear,”
Then in overtime Diegel found that elusive Fifth Gear,
Alas the Championship was not to follow the dub,
Yet we all know we play for the best brugby club,
So to all Gaelic we wish a Merry Christmas Night,
This Spring we continue the Championship Fight.

(Enjoy some photos below from our “off”season)

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