Citing Incoming Law Changes, Gould Announces A-Side Comeback

With the RFU’s announcement that any tackle above the waist will be a high tackle penalty, it’s only a matter of time that World Rugby follows suit and it’s the new standard in club rugby across the globe. While this caused much rabble rousing amongst the OG faithful, one Old Gaelic’s eyes sparkled with excitement. 

“If you are tackling above the waist, you learned wrong,” said Jerry Gould. “Tackling thighs is the gold standard in all sports. Baby, I’m back!”

When Old Gaelic *CV alums Jase Martin, Richard “Squirrel Recordon” and Alex Diegel offered retorts about different techniques and body types, Gould asked, “Who taught you how to tackle?” 

The trio looked at each other and responded in unison: “Dano.” 

“Figures,” said Gould. 

* Fellow CV alums Chris Armbrust, Brian Hart and Brady Reisman offered no such rebuttals, because they are short.

A live look at Jerry’s reaction to these photos:

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